Instructions for use Papillor

Instructions for use Papillor: indications and usage

The ultra active cream for all kinds of your wart and papilloma Papillor — effective and 100% natural way to get rid human papilloma virus. Don't have contraindications and side effects.

Papillon statement

Original packaging of the manufacturer with a unique registration code along with Croatia cream tells the story detailed how the product is used:

  • wash well, wash and dry the affected area thoroughly with soap;
  • dotted cream apply a thin layer directly to wart/papilloma;
  • drop it never shut down until it is completely absorbed.

Use the product 2-3 times per day. Already on the third day of treatment you will see a real change, continue the course until he is healed. If you want to quickly and painlessly get rid of herpes and warts forever? Cream order Papillor right now!